In 1969, George Spencer-Brown published a mathematical book called Laws of Form, which has inspired explorations in philosophy, cybernetics, art, spirituality, and computation. The work is powerful and has established a passionate following as well as harsh critics. This web site explores these people, their ideas and history, and provides references for further exploration.


The Laws of Form begin with nothing and draw a distinction. The laws of calling and crossing describe fundamental ways of transforming structures of distinctions.
Math & Tools

Interpretations of Laws of Form as logic, numbers, etc., analyses of certain circuits, and tools for exploring the calculus.

Inspired by G. Spencer-Brown's Laws of Form, Lou Kauffman is so far the most prolific author on the subject, followed by Bricken and Varela. Other authors have also made significant contributions.

Laws of Form was originally published in 1969 and has been reprinted several times since. In 1973, fans of the work gathered at Esalen with Spencer-Brown to learn more. More publications and research efforts have ensued in the following decades.

A collection of Laws of Form related material, most of which are donations. For example, Cliff Barney has brought us documents from the AUM Conference and Dave Keenan has kindly shared the Laws of Form Bibliography.

Believe it or not, you can find more material related to Laws of Form on the web. Here are some sites that we have found.

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